Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory of personality that helps us understand our psychological structure. When we use TA in therapy we are able to discover how we acquired some of the behaviour patterns, defense mechanisms, beliefs, etc. that explain our behaviour as adults. In other words, TA can bring to the surface the life strategies that we learned in childhood but continue to use as adults even though these strategies could be self-defeating and painful.

When we become aware of these strategies we are able to understand the role they have played in our decision making, the way we see and interpret our world presently and more importantly, we are then able to decide whether we continue to use them or we update them to healthier more appropriate ones.

TA is very effective when we want to change patterns of response and behaviour towards difficult or uncomfortable situations but it is also very effective when we are depressed or anxious, when we have marital issues, trauma, etc. especially when combined with other theories such as CBT, Gestalt, Gottman, etc.


dayami - red

(Stewart & Joines, 2014)

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